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8 reasons to choose the Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP

1. Benefit: Save floor space/utilise the height
The 25 mm incremental tray storage of all items thanks to Optiflex® technology reclaims up to 85% of otherwise wasted floor space.

2.Benefit: Reduced labour costs
Items are automatically delivered to the operator, eliminating wasted walk and search time. The optionally integrated pick-to-light system immediately identifies the item and quantity to be picked, increasing productivity.

3.Benefit: Ergonomics
No need for employees to bend, reach or climb for items. The Shuttle XP works on a “good-toperson” principle, delivering items automatically to an ergonomically positioned access opening. Trays can also be delivered to each user's specific working height.

4.Benefit: Security
Controlled access to specific trays, or tracking which user accessed which tray, is also achievable. The Shuttle XP is equipped with shutter doors for increased safety of operators and protection of the stored items. Noise levels are also considerably decreased.

5.Benefit: Accuracy
Integrated pick-to-light devices, barcode scanning and software interfaces provide the highest levels of accuracy possible. Connection to conveyors, robotic arms or lifting devices for maximum work comfort is also possible.

6.Benefit: Flexibility
Each tray can be programmed according to operating parameters. Further options include slow speeds for fragile goods, storage of frequently required goods close to the “golden zone”, access rights for trays, storage of trays with different weight capacities in one single unit, and much more.

7.Benefit: Modularity
Modular design allows for heights to be changed quickly and inexpensively to meet changing facilities or workflow.

8.Benefit: Reliability
With the great installation base of vertical lift systems, the Shuttle XP provides unsurpassed levels of uptime in the industry. From design to manufacturing, installation and service, the Shuttle XP is one of the leading technologies in the industry.