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Our BT Lifter hand pallet truck with 99 years warranty on the fork frame.

The classic hand pallet truck

Our BT Lifter hand pallet truck with 99 years warranty on the fork frame.

Hand pallet trucks

The BT Lifter hand pallet trucks from Toyota have been setting the standard in strength and performance for over 60 years. This entire class-leading range of hand pallet trucks has proven to be extremely durable and are therefore used in every industry.
Lifter hand pallet truckin paint shop

Classic hand pallet truck

  • Easy to use  
  • 99 y warranty on the fork frame
  • Up to 2,3 t

Our BT Lifter Standard is ideal for every-day use in all types of applications, it comes with a classic design and a unique lifetime guarantee on the frame. This long-lasting truck provides safe and efficient movement of your goods with very little effort.

Man packing on a Lifter hand pallet truck in store

Silent handling

  • Silent lifter
  • Ideal for retail operations
  • Up to 2,3 t

Our BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck has been designed to not exceed 60 decibels when moving loads. It's the perfect truck for your retail operations or noise-sensitive environments, e.g. at night or out of hours.

A hand pallet truck being used to lift heavy load

Assisted handling

  • Highly ergonomic
  • Minimum starting force
  • Up to 2,3 t

Our innovations include the unique BT Pro Lifter, which easily moves a heavy load, reducing manual effort by up to 67%. BT Quick Lifters are available with ‘quick-lift’ feature, which means that it takes just two strokes of the pump unit to elevate the load. For nearly effortless movement of goods, the BT Pro Lifter Motorised has an electric motor built into the main wheel. This means that loads of up to one tonne can be moved at the touch of a button.

Highlifter used for ergonomic packing


  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Manual or electric lift
  • Up to 1 t

Our BT High Lifters can go up to 0,8 metres using automatic height adjustment for safe and easy movement. They are versatile and user-friendly, as they can be used as workstations. Available as manual or electric hand pallet truck also as galvanised models for wet/corrosive/hygienic environments.

Load being weighed on hand pallet truck


  • Moving and weighing loads simultaneously
  • Fast & easy
  • Up to 2,3 t

To save you time and effort during load handling, these trucks are equipped with a weight indicator or scale. This allows you to easily weigh loads during transport for maximum efficiency.

hand pallet truck in food industry

Specialised environments

  • For environments with a high hygiene standard
  • Low or high-lifting 
  • Up to 2,3 t ​​​​​​​

Working in a highly corrosive and / or hygienic environment such as the pharmaceutical or food industry requires a special truck. Depending on your operation you can choose between a wet spec, galvanised, or stainless steel truck. Available as low-lifting or high-lifting truck.

Man pulling large decks on a hand pallet truck

Specialised pallet handling

  • Heavy, low or half pallet handling
  • Choice of forks
  • Up to 3 t

These trucks are suitable for a variety of special pallets and loads. Available with different types of forks, BT Low Lifter comes with a low profile or half forks, for half, low or ultralow pallets. For moving unusually heavy loads manually, BT Heavy Lifter allows for safe and efficient handling with minimal effort.

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