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Newly designed versatile stackers

BT Staxio W- series - wider range of features available for increased safety and productivity.

Powered stackers

The BT Staxio range consists of powered stackers with high lifting power that are class-leading, fast and easy to use. These models are perfect for stacking and horizontal transport in a wide range of industries.
Staxio stacker in warehouse

Low-intensity stackers 

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 2 m

Designed for light-duty stacking operations and easy horizontal pallet movements, these BT Staxio W-series are easy to use. Its compact design and manoeuvrability make the HWE stackers fit to use in a wide range of applications, such as shops and offices.

Woman lifting high with staxio stacker

Compact & manoeuvrable stackers

  • Versatile stackers
  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Up to 5,4 m

Designed for light to heavy-duty stacking operations, this BT Staxio W-series is a versatile range with safe, durable and compact design. The SWE trucks offer increased efficiency and performance during horizontal transport, order picking and lifting to high racking. This series also offers powered stacker trucks for extra support (for uneven surfaces, handling closed pallets, and for double-load handling). 

Staxio stacker with double-load

High-performance, long-distance stackers

  • Class-leading residual capacities
  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Up to 6 m

The BT Staxio P-series is highly productive thanks to the platform for long-distance travel. This versatile range can reach the highest lift heights and residual capacities in its class, but it is also compact enough for confined spaces. This series also offers powered stacker trucks for extra support (for uneven surfaces, handling closed pallets and double-load handling). 

A flexible stacker with retractable mast in warehouse

Flexible stackers

  • Retractable mast
  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Up to 4,8 m

The BT Staxio XR(D)-series is a versatile range that combines the compactness of a stacker with the flexibility of a reach truck. Equipped with retractable masts and the ability to handle different types of pallets, these powered stacker trucks are designed to save space and increase efficiency. 

Man looking up through overhead guard

High-intensity stacking 

  • Driver comfort
  • Excellent visibility
  • Up to 6,3 m

Designed for high-intensity stacking, the BT Staxio S & R-series stand-in and rider-seated models have an overhead guard for increased safety. These trucks offer excellent driver comfort in both directions thanks to the transverse driving position. This series also offers powered stacker trucks for extra support (for uneven surfaces, handling closed pallets and double-load handling).

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