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6 ways to check if a tow tractor fits your operations

Towing tractors

6 ways to check if a tow tractor fits your operations

Towing tractors

Toyota Tracto and Simai, our family of towing trucks, can handle palletised as well as non-palletised loads, in indoor and outdoor applications. From light to heavy-duty models, all towing tractors offer optimal safety and efficiency in horizontal transport and order picking.
Man using a pedestrian tow tractor on train station

Pedestrian towing tractors

  • Ergonomic & intuitive
  • Up to 1,5 t
  • Up to 4,5 km/h

Designed for easy movement of load carriers, the pedestrian-operated tow tractors are compact, manoeuvrable and easy to use. The Tracto W-series can handle roll cages of up to 1.5 tonnes with minimal effort, even on rough surfaces. These load carriers can easily be attached or detached for increased productivity. 

Woman driving a stand in Movit in car factory

Stand-in towing tractors

  • Variety of load carriers
  • Up to 13 km/h
  • Up to 5t

Designed for order picking and horizontal transport in manufacturing, the stand-in towing tractors of Toyota Tracto N/ S-series are easy to get on and off thanks to their low step-in height and wide floor space. These electric towing trucks with energy-efficient motor provide smooth acceleration, improving productivity and contributing to lean processes into applications. 

Tracto tow tractor pulling load indoors

Rider-seated towing tractors

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 8 t
  • Up to 18 km/h

Designed for transportation over long distances, the rider-seated models offer high travel speeds and great driver comfort. The Toyota Tracto R-series and Simai models (www.simai.it) are perfect for moving components in production facilities or other indoor/outdoor towing work.

Heavy-duty tow tractors

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 50 t
  • Up to 25 km/h

With their high towing capacity of up to 50 tonnes, the electric Toyota Tracto R-series and heavy-duty Simai range (www.simai.it)  are built for intense applications and long-distance transportation. Perfect for luggage handling or transportation of heavy loads in industrial or production environments.

Load carriers combined in taxi train

Load carriers

  • Versatile range to suit any load
  • Easy connection
  • Combine in taxi train

All Toyota Tracto tow tractors are compatible with a wide range of load carriers and trolleys for order picking, e-commerce and lean logistics. The options include taxi carriers (for pallets, roll cages), platforms, and heavy-duty taxi carriers.

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