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Which features make a truck ’smart’?

All smart trucks from Toyota are equipped with telematics hardware already integrated in the forklift during production. This offers the possibility of the truck being connected. When connected, the data generated from the smart trucks from Toyota is transmitted directly from the truck to a central database, where the information can be accessed via a web portal or mobile app.

Fleet list

You will be provided with access via a web portal to a fleet list showing details of all the smart trucks from Toyota on your site. This gives you an easy overview of meters running, fleet numbers, service and rental contract data, making sure you're in total control of your operations and can optimise certain areas if necessary.

Truck utilisation

With a smart truck you can easily track the operating hours of the truck, indicating when maintenance is due based on the amount of hours run. Tailoring your service intervals to the use of your trucks, for longer lifecycle of your equipment.

Service requests

Via the web portal and/or app you can monitor your fleet and get in touch with your service team, by sending a picture and/or a message. For a quick service response bringing the support your truck needs.

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I_Site fleet managment

Smart trucks are equipped with telematics hardware to connect easily to I_Site, the application that allows you to monitor trucks utilisation and driver behaviour. With one simple click the technology can be activated which allows you to monitor your operations and use this data to improve the areas you wish to.

Everything you need to know about smart trucks from Toyota

Take control of your operations with smart trucks

  • Maximise usage of your fleet
  • Support your safety culture
  • Easy to upgrade to I_Site

Your challenge is to ensure your operations run smoothly and have eyes everywhere. Imagine your operators need to go through a pre-operational check before starting the truck, or that you can be notified as soon as something happens.
Discover the many benefits of our I_Site  award winning solution.


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