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On July 18, Tartu will host a major concert Metallica at the Raadi Airport on the territory of the ENM for 60,000 people. Toyota forklifts made a significant contribution to the preparation of the grand event.

"Fans are like the Metallical family and there is no roof on the stage," says production manager John Zajonc to the Chronicle 24 hours before the gates officially open, surrounded by dozens of Toyota forklifts that carry rustling stage pieces and refrigerators. 60 meters wide and 20 meters high, there is no roof on the stage - during the tour, the men have already received a lot of rain, which may have a slight effect on the mood of the audience, but the musicians make it an extraordinary musical experience. There are fans in the rain, so be it the band.

On July 16, Metallica performed in Finland, took off the stage in three hours at night and came by boat in the morning.

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