Toyota Material Handing Commercial Finance provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions that offers you Toyota Material Handling Equipment with peace of mind so you can focus on your core business.
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Retail Financing

  • Operating lease and financial Lease  
  • Hire purchase and loan solutions  
  • Available with original Toyota maintenance, repairs and insurance

Under a lease agreement the equipment you wish to use is purchased by Toyota Material Handing Commercial Finance, which you can use in exchange for a monthly fee. This fee can be bundled with original Toyota maintenance, repairs and insurance of the equipment as well. At the end of the agreed period of use you will have the choice between three options: purchase of the equipment, extension of the contract or return of the equipment.

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Our leasing agreements are offered directly to you in different variations according to your local market in terms of operating lease and financial lease: full and partial amortisation, sale and lease back and full service leasing. Specific product range and service offers may vary by country, and not all variations are available in all countries due to specific country regulations and local law.

If you plan for ownership of the equipment from the beginning, you are supported with hire purchase and loan solutions.

Under a hire purchase agreement Toyota Commercial Finance purchases the equipment you wish to own, which you can use in exchange for a regular instalment. In contrast to leasing, the title of ownership is automatically transferred to you at the end of the agreement.

Of course hire purchase and loan solutions can be bundled with original Toyota maintenance, repairs and insurance of the equipment as well.

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Wholesale financing

  • Stock financing solutions for stock and demo
  • Finance leases and loans for rental fleets under framework agreements

You expect short delivery times, want to rent Toyota Material Handling Equipment for variable durations or want to test the equipment on your premises before you place a definitive order? Toyota Material Handling Commercial Finance provides financing solutions to the local markets via independent distributors to answer your needs.​​​​​​​

Our stock financing solutions provides a revolving credit line that enables you to purchase equipment from our dealers for stock and demo purpose to secure your working capital. Toyota Material Handling Commercial Finance offers finance leases and loans under a framework agreement to finance your Toyota rental equipment with the flexibility you need.

Meie tootevalik

Vaadake kogu meie kahveltõstukivalikut, mis sisaldab lükandmastiga tõstukeid, alusesiirdajaid, komplekteerijaid, teenuseid ja lahendusi.

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Rentige tõstuk

Rentige tõstuk

Kas vajate tõstukit kohe praegu, lühikeseks või pikemaks ajaks, ja otsite kulutõhusat lahendust?  Meil on teie vajadusteks mitmesuguseid rentimisvõimalusi.

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Ostke kasutatud tõstuk

Aitame teil leida sobivaima tõstuki, olgu siis uue või kasutatud. Laiendage oma ettevõtet kvaliteetsete kasutatud tõstukitega!

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Toyota tootmissüsteem

Kasutame kulusäästlikku tootmisviisi ja töötame tõmbesüsteemi järgi: see tähendab, et toodame vastavalt tellimusele.

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