Semi-automated high-density storage solution

Toyota offers a shuttle solution including shuttle racking:

Automated shuttle Toyota Radioshuttle

  • up to 1800 kg load capacity
  • variety of load carriers

Racking Toyota shuttle racking

  • Aisle-free pallet racking
  • Clever use of space

Radioshuttle in action

This high-density, deep storage solution uses semi-automated shuttles to store and retrieve palletised goods from the racking. The shuttles are placed in the racking by forklift trucks. The drivers save a lot of time since they only need to bring the pallets to the entrance of the racking channels. Whilst the shuttle transports the pallet to its final position, the forklift driver can get the next pallet. This way drivers can handle more pallets faster, increasing productivity and decreasing operational cost.


Each Radioshuttle is equipped with features like warning lights, audio signals, bright and clear display systems and a laser scanner safety system. It is certified in accordance to EN 13849-1:2008.


The Toyota Radioshuttle is prepared for Industry 4.0 with WiFi, RFID, and WMS. There is a remote-controlled communication between the truck and shuttle with a “one-push function” serving unlimited number of shuttles.


Rails and entry guides help the forklift drivers to place the shuttles quickly and easily. The Radioshuttle works with various load carriers and can operate > 8 h with standard batteries and > 16h with Li-ion batteries.

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The Toyota Radioshuttle charging station allows for quick and easy charging of the batteries. Each station can handle 2 battery sets (4 battery cassettes). These cassettes are placed in drawers. Once the drawer is closed, the charging starts. The display shows the charging status.

Cold store

The shuttles can operate in temperatures down to -30°C. High-density storage is ideal for cold store operation, as pallet locations in cold areas are expensive.

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Kaip Toyota Radioshuttle optimizavo „Zgonc“ erdvės išnaudojimą

Įmonei „Zgonc“ mes pasiūlėme pusiau automatinius stelažus, tokiu būdu didindami ne tik produktyvumą, bet ir saugumą. Naudodama mūsų sprendimą, įmonė sumažino virš 4000 padėklų sandėliavimo žalos riziką.

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Shuttle stelažai leidžia laikyti daug prekių

Pasaulyje pirmaujančiui maisto gamintojui Döhler reikėjo sprendimo, kaip šaldymo sandėlyje laikyti tūkstančius padėklų su maistu. Todėl Toyota Material Handling pateikė stelažų ir shuttle sprendimą, kuris puikiai tinka jų šaldymo sandėliui dėl efektyvaus erdvės panaudojimo.

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