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Environment Strengthening Month. A Message from the President

Let’s Think and Act on Our Own for the Future Global Environment

I would like to express my appreciation to all members of the Toyota Industries Group for your efforts in actively undertaking environmental activities on a daily basis.

In recent years, extreme weather believed to be caused mainly by global warming has led to disasters from fierce heat waves and major storms worldwide. On top of this, we are witnessing a worsening of global environmental issues such as harmful effects on health and adverse impacts on ecosystems.

Under these circumstances, we have implemented thoroughgoing energy-saving activities in production activities aimed at zero CO2 emissions at plants and promoted the use of renewable energy and hydrogen. Nevertheless, we must further step up such activities in the future. Moreover, the globalization of our business activities means that we will also face an increasing number of major environmental risks that could affect the continuity of our business. In response, we need to strengthen our risk prevention activities and undertake efforts to ensure we absolutely never cause any environmental abnormalities.

Initiatives for addressing environmental issues cannot be carried out through the efforts of just a few associates alone. Rather, the Toyota Industries Group must work in unison to promote these environmental initiatives on a global scale. At the individual level, what is crucial is the resolve to stop further environmental degradation and taking action for whatever we can do. To share this thinking and put it into practise among everyone, for this fiscal year we have selected the same slogan as last year: "Let's think and act on our own for the global environment."

On the accasion of the Environmental Month, let us make efforts toward addressing global environmental issues with a sense of humilit in keeping with the spirit of the company creed.

It is out vital task to protect the bounty of nature inherited from our predecissors and pass this along to the next generation.