Toyota BT Reflex N-series in narrow space in warehouse

New releases in Toyota BT Reflex family: narrow and cold store trucks

Toyota Material Handling’s BT Reflex reach truck family has gotten two new additions. Next to the recent updates on the R, E and O-series, the narrow series (N-series) has now been further improved, an ideal truck for confined spaces. In addition to that, the R, E and N-series can be optimised to fit cold store conditions thanks to an equally updated cold store version.

‘We now release the latest additions to our class leading reach truck range to bring further benefits to more customer applications. Following our ‘proven innovation’ theme and our Kaizen value: we aim to keep innovating to suit our customers’ needs. You can expect a very intuitive and interactive driving experience and intelligent energy solutions in these new BT Reflex,’ says Craig Walby, Product Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

The first upgrade in the Reflex range is that of the narrow reach truck (N-series). The N-series is a compact truck with a small chassis, a quintessential truck for tight spaces or operations that require block stacking or drive-in racking. It comes in two capacities: a 1.4t and a 1.6t, the lift height of the N-series has increased by 1.5 metres, from 8.5 to 10 metres.

Next to this truck update, the cold store version also went through some major enhancements in many aspects, and can be added to the R, E and N-series with or without a heated cabin. Cold store models are built and designed for cold environments down to -30°C, they are available in five capacities: 1.4t, 1.6t, 1.8t, 2t and 2.5t and have a lift height up to 13 metres.

The standard cold store version has an open cab and is adapted to handle cold environments. This version can be equipped with an isolated heated cabin (optional) which is beneficial for the health, safety and productivity of the drivers, especially if they have to work in freezing conditions for multiple hours on end. The windows and transparent roof stay clear of frost to maximise visibility.

The unique features and unmatched flexibility of the narrow series and cold store trucks make sure that you can handle your load very precisely, even at a high speed, without endangering your driver or your load. Your driver will love these trucks as they don’t only have an easy colour touchscreen display, they are also ergonomically designed, offering extra comfort and all controls are within reach. They come with lithium-ion batteries, based on Toyota technology. They are available with I_Site fleet management system from Toyota.

The BT Reflex range continues its mission to make operations at height more safe, comfortable, and efficient. Discover these innovative reach trucks and find the forklift that suits your needs.

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