Toyota Material Handling Europe partners with Log!Ville Demonstration & innovation centre initiative

Log!Ville, an open experience centre in Niel (Antwerp) that is focussed on promoting innovation in the logistics ecosystem, opened its doors to the public on October 4th. Toyota Material Handling Europe is a partner of Log!Ville and will exhibit products and innovative solutions in its 2,000m² demonstration centre.

Toyota Material Handling Europe is one of the six founding partners of Log!Ville together with Deloitte, Siemens and other leading companies. The company´s innovations are already exhibited in the 2,000m² demonstration area.

Log!ville focusses on innovative technology that is not yet mainstream in business, as well as on completely new concepts. Log!Ville is an open demonstration centre that mainly focusses on logistics professionals who are closely involved in innovation management. Log!Ville is only 10 km away from the Toyota Material Handling’s Marketing and Sales European head office in Willebroek.

‘As a founding partner, we will be able to help define Log!Ville's strategy moving forward. Peter Van Cauwenbergh, Commercial Director at our Belgium Sales company, joins the board of directors and he will represent our company visions and accelerate collaboration as an innovative partner for the material handling industry’, comments Ralph Cox, Senior Vice President, Market Operations, Toyota Material Handling Europe.

‘We are located only 15 minutes away, which benefits our customers and partners who can now also pay a visit to this centre of the innovation and be part of building the future solution by accessing the new concepts that keeps evolving’, concludes Cox.

Log!Ville comprises three parts: a physical demonstration area, a virtual experience space and a high-tech meeting centre for seminars and events. In the physical demonstration area visitors can get to know the latest technical possibilities of machines and tools that can be used in logistics processes. The virtual experience space focuses on trends in logistics and introduces visitors to tomorrow’s logistics sector. Log!Ville aims to encourage start-ups, mature businesses and knowledge institutions to share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative solutions by organising events and seminars in its meeting centre.

Visitors can access the latest innovations in the demonstration areas of the building. The ambition is to replace exhibits every six months.

Log!Ville is founded by VIL with the support of the Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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