Semi-automation to improve your picking performance

Order picking is a repetitive and time-consuming activity, with operators frequently hopping on and off trucks to pick goods and to move their trucks to the next picking location. How can you make this process more efficient?

More efficiency with remote controlled picking

Toyota order picking trucks equipped with the remote drive feature t-mote increase overall efficiency whilst contributing to a safer work environment. The higher the picking density on site, the greater the time saving will be with a semi-automated order picker. 


Up to 20% more productivity 

Our remote drive concept shortens the time a working cycle takes, which in turn increases the picking productivity of operators and creates a smoother picking flow. When comparing to a manually operated order picker truck, using remote drive trucks can show an increase of up to 20% in productivity gains for identical picking cycles. 

Toyota t-mote remote controlled order picking

Up to 10% energy reduction

Controlled acceleration and speed result in less wear of key components, extending their lifetime and reducing service costs. Controlling the truck’s behaviour also results in a 10% reduction in energy consumption, which can also save on costs. 

Toyota t-mote remote controlled order picking

Operator in focus 

Minimising the need to constantly hop on and off the truck reduces the risk of injuries and fatigue for the operator. It also keeps operator's hands free for picking goods as it just uses a small remote control with finger activation. 

Toyota t-mote remote controlled order picking

A safer workplace 

The truck is fitted with safety scanners which detect objects up to 1m in front of the truck and cause it to stop automatically or adjust its path to prevent the risk of collisions and accidents. In remote mode, the truck moves at a speed of 4km/h and a warning light flashes to warn bystanders of the truck’s movement. The machines come with a small display indicating key parameters or warnings. 

How does t-mote work?

A picking cycle involves a lot of on/off activities. The BT Optio order picking trucks with the t-mote remote drive function allows the operator to move the truck forward without having to ride on the truck. The operator can simply advance the truck in a picking aisle with a small finger-operated remote control. The control is worn on the index finger and it has two buttons. It can be used on the left or right hand, with or without gloves.      

This easy and efficient hands-free solution enables the operator to walk behind or next to the truck, ensuring they are always ready to pick goods from the racking onto the load carrier. 

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