Lean transformation

There are many lean projects that start with a very optimistic business case, but end with unsatisfactory results and a legacy of doubt. It’s not the monetary cost of a failed lean project that is the most harmful, but the lost credibility and confidence in the organisation.

Our transformation programmes are designed for organisations that require the development and execution of a total lean roadmap with recommendations for improved workflow and management structure, combined with staff training and support throughout the implementation process. Our transformation programme is typically a combination of our total offer, assessment, Jishuken, Academy programme and trainings. The difference with a standard training lies in the fact that Lean transformation focuses more on the processess and targets a deeper change in your leadership and management structure. Here it's likely that we perform a number of jishukens in combination with lean advisory and lean training.

In Toyota we believe that there is only one way to truly change a culture and implement lean. That is by top management consistently taking the lead in the organisation, daily on the 'shop floor'. The importance of the shop floor approach relates to one of the Toyota Way values, Genchi Genbutsu. Genchi Genbutsu means going to the source and seeing for yourself. This philosophy grows many healthy behaviours such as teamwork, a fact-based approach, process approach, etc. The appearance of management in the shop floor using the Genchi Genbutsu approach leads the way for engaging and motivating people, which is the ultimate success factor of the lean transformation.

Our lean transformation programmes address this by deeply incorporating the whole organisation from top to bottom in the transformation to avoid the pitfalls of failure. In a lean transformation we set up a governance organisation called a steering committee to secure that the implementation is closely monitored the entire time. The steering committee consists of the customer project sponsor (top management representative), a senior TLA advisor, a customer project manager, a TLA project manager and additional people of the customer's choice.

The result is a holistic approach to a full lean transformation which results into a complete service including an assessment, planning and development of the lean conversion by the advisors, training and dynamics, projects and processes start-up, etc. All needed to achieve the agreed Toyota benchmark targets:

- Training & acknowledgement
- Assessment & planning
- Kaizen
- Reinforce & standardise
- Yokoten
- Sustain

This transformation is organised following a phased deployment structure. Each phase is designed and planned according to the opportunities detected as well as the needs in the lean assessment.
- Possible factory tours at our premises
- Acknowledgement trainings to top management
- Lean trainings and assessment included in the transformation process
- Steering committees and following meetings
This service requires close collaboration in order to achieve the change and expected targets, steady and trustworthy.

Implementation requires on average 12-24 months by your company, of which approx. 100 days spent with Toyota Lean advisors.

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