Toyota racking and VNA efficiently store frozen goods at Foster Fast Food

Foster Fast Food was looking for a space-saving solution to efficiently handle and store their frozen, chilled and ambient goods. Having already Toyota trucks in operation, they returned to Toyota Material Handling for a cold store VNA truck and narrow-aisle pallet racking.

Facts & figures

About Foster Fast Food

Since its foundation in 1985, Foster Fast Food aims to be a leader and specialist in fast food concepts. In 1996 the company moved to a warehouse and office building in the industrial site of Mechelen North.  In 2002 Harry Van Hoof, son of founder Maurice, became the new owner. Ever since its foundation, Foster Fast Food has acquired an excellent reputation thanks to extensive and superior quality.

Need for extra ambient, chilled and frozen goods storage

With the increasing demand, more volume and storage was needed. For the building of their new warehouse in 2018, Foster Fast Food was looking for new space-saving racking to store its ambient, chilled and frozen products. Foster Fast Food was already satisfied with their Toyota reach truck operating on site, and therefore turned to Toyota Material Handling. As a total solutions provider, Toyota created the layout of the new warehouse and supplied conventional pallet racking with 1,078 pallet locations in the freezer, 87 locations in the chilled area and 248 pallets with dry substances in the ambient zone. 

Optimised use of space

Space in cold environments is costly and requires optimised use of space. Therefore, Toyota proposed a very-narrow-aisle truck, the Toyota VCE150, together with narrow-aisle racking. This VNA truck with cold store spec is fully equipped with heated cabin to make sure the driver is comfortable throughout his shift. The Toyota VCE150 follows the induction field around a wire in the floor. Thanks to the narrower aisles, more products can be stored in the freezer.

All-in-one solution: forklifts, racking, service

The pallet trucks, the reach truck and the VNA truck that take care of the (un)loading, transportation and stacking of goods are all under Toyota service agreement. "We are very pleased with Toyota as our partner for racking and forklifts. Their professionalism, quick response time and wide offer result in a solid and durable partnership," confirms Harry Van Hoof.

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