Cold store and chilled environments

Cold store operations are one of the toughest working environments. Not only do the sub-zero temperatures affect your trucks’ battery capacity, electronics, lubrication and drivers’ ability to operate the forklift, but you also need to think about the use of space.

The challenges in cold areas

Trends are clear, today’s consumer values convenience, wholesome food and just-in-time delivery. More fresh and chilled products are being ordered in smaller quantities. No more simple pallet in/pallet out operations: the cold chain must become as flexible as possible. It's key to address these challenges
to keep costs under control:



Minimising downtime and having access to the right technology.



Maximising space whilst retaining flexibility.



Keeping workers and equipment warm enough to keep efficiency high.

Cool solutions to minimise waste of time, space & resources

Chilled (ambient temperature down to 0°C) or frozen (below 0°) operations require lean, efficient solutions that minimise waste of space, resources and time, while also ensuring reliability in these demanding environments. We have a long history and experience working in low-temperature operations, offering as standard a full range of vehicles and solutions for chilled operations as well as dedicated cold store solutions.

Dedicated cold store trucks for maximum uptime

For temperatures down to -30°C

Our complete truck range is designed to work effectively down to 0°C without modification. However, for temperatures down to -30°C most trucks will need to be adapted with specific features such as cold store oil, anti-slip platforms, heated batteries or can be equipped with a dedicated cold store cabin for more comfort and productivity like on our reach trucks.

Dedicated cold store specifications & add-ons for each model

Toyota's hand pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks and Very-Narrow-Aisle trucks (VNA), as well as counterbalanced trucks can be fully engineered for cold store use. Some trucks require little modification, for example, Toyota BT Levio pallet trucks and BT Staxio stacker trucks simply need low-temperature hydraulic oil – in all other respects they are pre-engineered for cold stores with fully sealed components. All cold store machines are clearly defined by the snowflake symbol. This helps drive down costs by reducing the risk of trucks being incorrectly used. Service contract are tailored to your needs.

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Case studies

Shuttle racking enables high-density storage

World-leading food producer Döhler needed a solution to store thousands of pallets with food in cold store. Toyota Material Handling therefore supplied a racking and shuttle solution that fit their cold store perfectly thanks to its efficient use of space.

Döhler case study >

Toyota racking and VNA efficiently store frozen goods at Foster Fast Food

Foster Fast Food was looking for a space-saving solution to efficiently handle and store their frozen, chilled and ambient goods. Having already Toyota trucks in operation, they returned to Toyota Material Handling for a cold store VNA truck and narrow-aisle pallet racking.

Foster Fast Food case study >

Toyota supplies Natures Menu with drive-in racking for cold store

Natures Menu got a complete logistics solution offered by Toyota to store their frozen raw pet food. The drive-in racking solution within their cold store warehouse can store almost 1000 pallets.

Natures Menu case study >

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