Lean training

In the Toyota Lean Academy you get the opportunity to be trained on some of the unique methods, tools and cultural approaches that have been successfully applied within Toyota.

You have the option between training at our premises (in our factories or national centres) or at your site, according to what fits your needs and the purpose best. This approach is suited for customers that want to learn more about a specific area in lean or start developing in-house competence to establish lean working practices. You can choose either from the standard modules below or we design the training programme together exactly according to your individual needs.

A standard training module is typically workshop-based starting with a theoretical introduction and involves gemba practices to strengthen the learnings, and takes between 1-3 days depending on the subject.

"Going to Toyota for a lean training but also visiting the site and seeing in real life how they embrace lean, how they implement lean and how it's part of their DNA, helps us to improve." – Lars van der Meulen, Plant & Site Manager, Signify.

If you are interested in lean training programmes please register your interest in the form below. If your interested in trainings hosted in our factories in Japan, please write that you are interested in training in factories in Japan, and we will notify you about the next available programme.

You can also check our event calendar for open trainings hosted regularly at our European service centres, as well as some exclusive events available at our European factories.

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